So a week ago a couple of industry musicians almost broke the internet following a break-up from thier record label, no one knew of the reason for the break-up.. the uproar was so enormous to the piont where the artists themselves felt the need to open their hearts and break it down to their fans about what really caused the beak-away. Few words we’re exchanged with the label as well citing their reasoning in the whole furore, which is a normality in this day of technology, the accuser can lay allegations on an instant media platform.. the accusee can defend or respond whithin an a sec, at that point millions of people have already witnessed the whole


Here’s the thing LADIES & GENTS.. I would like to think that by now we all know what might’ve made A-REECE.. BENCHMAQ..FIFI COOPER.. from their then record label, THE ISSUES of unpaid royalties.. PAYOLA.. buying awards..are one of the most fatal pandemics for any entertainment body, whether it’s the artists or labels, media houses do get hurt along the way becouse they are the bearers of the entertaiment industry. A few years ago one of our legendary left our shores without a cent in his pockets, but his music was being played on radios, concerts plus he hadn’t reach 50 year mark that the goverment has imposed as a timeframe for an to claim & recieve royalties for their hard work whether dead or alive, obviously benefectors are liable to the deceased claim of royalties.

The issue of buying awards is quite a relative problem in our music industry, one could lean it towards the similarities we’re facing in South Africa, ongoing corruptions that’s milking our beloved country of it’s riches, the same feat is resulting in the music industry, beacuse people feel untouchable they can almost get away with anything as long as the brown envelope is delivered. I wish for the day where things are run smoothly and fairly in the entertainment industry, well set platforms for the future so that our very own kids can also express themselves get rewarded fairly.The only way forward is making sure we introduce stringest by-laws that will command harsh punishments to whoever commits bribery, first thing first i think it would a good idea if the law-makers makes an example with someone else like it’s used to be done in school, whoever tastes the sugarcane first will tell the rest how it is.



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