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JF Productions is happy to announce the addition of BOITUMELO MOCHOANA to the JF family.

Boitumelo is a young motivated Gospel musician  with a true hunger for success, passion to thrive and has a very powerful unique voice. She is currently working on her latest single, “Awesome Are your Deeds” at JF Productions studios in Pretoria, […]


JF PRODUCTIONS is a production house that was established a couple years ago, just like any other company it has had it’s own fair share of failures in the past until the management decided to reshuffle staff by bringing in new vibrant, hungry and dedicated young individuals, alongside up and coming artists who are as ambitious as everyone involved. The company offers services such studio bookings through it’s STATE-OF-THE-ART studio set-ups, it also offers photography and videography as well. […]


A snippet of JON KAY’s new R&B song titled #KeepThisFireBurning

JON KAY is JF PRODUCTIONS’ R&B artist based Pretoria, although he’s not relatively new in the industry, both the label and the artist agreed to push R&B as the main genre for his upcoming project that’s still under works. The song in particular sounds totally different from a normal R&B song..



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